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adventWith the season of Advent fast approaching I thought I’d share some resources that I’ve found on my cyber travels.  As I’m quite Ignatian focussed at the moment here is a link to some lovely online Ignatian resources that might help you on your way through the exciting season ahead…

Advent Resources ~ Ignatian Spirituality . Com

Not everyone has the time or money to spend searching for, ordering and taking delivery of an Advent devotional so sometimes the internet CAN [despite what I often think 😉 ] be a place to find God, rather than a constant distraction keeping us [me?] from Him.

Also, a fellow blogger over on ‘The Vicar’s Wife’ has produced a great post highlighting some other fabulous free resources; ‘Advent Approaches: A Couple of Reading Resources’.  I can vouch for both of these as I’ve already downloaded them and had a read.  Ethan and I have put the ‘Children’s Bible Reading Plan’ to good use this evening.  It’s actually great for all year round, not just Advent.  Pertinently, the 12 month, single use plan starts with the Nativity story in Luke’s Gospel, so very appropriate if you want to start this with your little ones now.

And finally, I’ve also found THIS for all you Kindle users for 77p.  Great for all, Catholic or not, and cheaper than the printed version ‘Living Faith’ booklets you find at the back of church after Mass, as they’re usually £2 or so. 

I hope you find something that suits your needs among this selection.  Don’t forget that Wordlive and Pray-as-you-go will probably also offer Advent based prayer and scripture for the forthcoming season too.

Wishing you all a blessed Advent. 

Thank you to The Vicar’s Wife for letting me link to her blog.

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Advent Journey…

Blue Candle fbI find that Advent seems to be a poor cousin to Lent regarding resources, literature etc. There are far less spiritual books pertaining to the religious side of this season compared to Lent.  It also seems to have become overshadowed by consumerism and materialsim and this year more than any other I feel that the true meaning of Christmas is fading away. I personally love Advent and use it as a time to wait in confident faith for the coming of our Dear Lord. A time to keep a close eye on that ‘star’ and all that it symbolises for us. A time to remember, relive and renew!  A time of hope and looking forward…….

This year Wordlive are doing a lovely online daily Advent devotional alongside their normal ‘Classic’ version.   It comes in various formats and you also have the option to register and comment on each entry or start your own online journal.  This is a wonderful resource and Wordlive has grown in what it offers for FREE each and every year.   It’s perfect if, like me, you’re surviving on a limited income but want a daily devotional that challenges and stretches you on a faith level.   Thank you Wordlive…

PS I have added a widget on the right-hand side of this page which will take you to the Wordlive homepage if you click the image.

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