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JournalThank you to Jenny at Suscipio for sharing this lovely idea with catholic women the world over.  A delightful way to wrap up the week gone, consider the week ahead and to identify and examine areas of challenge and change along the way.

Thanking God for: ~  carrying me through my first week back at work and for answering me immediately when I asked for help.  I so didn’t want to feel overwhelmed or a failure ~ thankfully neither happened.

Also for our lovely dog Honey who was spayed this week and despite being in obvious pain and discomfort she is still such a sweetheart and a blessing.

Praying: ~ for friends facing health challenges this week.  There are many who need these prayers and I am only too happy to pray them.  May God be with them all.

Cooking: ~ has taken a back-seat with the onset of the new/old job.  Being so tired and suffering from information overload has reduced my enthusiasm to producing only things requiring a minimum effort.  Looking forward to healthier/tastier options in the days to come, and I suspect so are my family 🙂

Creating: ~ I am making two prayer shawls ~ both crochet.  One is for me and the other one is for my mother-in-law who has been very poorly of late.

Living Liturgically: ~ Well as my last post is testimony I am attempting to make more time to live liturgically.  Making space for my Dear Lord, for intimate dialogue and quiet moments of meditation, scripture study and contemplation.  It is working as I’m already more aware alot sooner in the day that I have to make these slots of time.  I still haven’t made it back to Mass but there are other issues surrounding that which I won’t whinge on about here, suffice to say it’s in hand.

Reading: ~ I always try to have one non-fiction and one fiction text on the go at a time.  I have to confess that I’m truly terrible at suddenly starting a new book when I have others unfinished.  It’s not a good habit and leads to feelings of never having read anything to the end.  Anyhow at the moment my non-fiction book is “Start Your New Life Today” ~ Joyce Meyer.  This might seem a strange title for someone who’s been a practising christian for quite a few years but it never hurts to take a fresh look at the basics and remember why you chose this path in the first place.   My [historical] fiction book is “Island of Wings” by Karin Altenberg which was a Kindle freebie when I ‘bought’ it.  I notice it’s back to full price now.

Listening to: ~ well our tune of choice at the moment is “All Angels ~ Salve Regina”.  Simon and I heard this played as background music during a documentary called Amish ~ A Secret Life last year and it just moved us so much I actually bought him the CD for Christmas so we can enjoy it whenever we want to.  Beautiful!!

Around the house: ~  I had a jolly good throw out, tidy up and premature spring clean after Christmas so we’re looking pretty tidy.   Partly also, I have to admit, in anticipation of returning to work after ten months off on 7th January, predicting correctly that my energy levels would be sapped for a while.  Also, this is a small house and I’m a real miminalist so there is never too much clutter, in fact I’m known for being quite ruthless regarding ‘stuff’.  No one dares sit still for too long here 😉 .

Wearing: ~ Smart work clothes this morning and jeans thereafter with a nice cosy fleece top this evening to psychologically combat the snow-fall we’ve had here in the UK today.

Wandering around the web: ~

Wordlive ~ my online bible study of choice at the moment.

Sometimes also ~ Daily Reflections ~ Bible Alive

Also today had to find this for work ~ Features of a News letter/report/paper

Capture: ~

One boy and his dog . . .

One boy and his dog appropriately watching ‘The Dog Hotel’ movie . . .

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