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Dawn at Alder Court 08.03 (5)

Dawn today from my kitchen window. . .

Dawn breaking today produced this lovely rose and gold hue.  The photo’ above doesn’t really do the ‘rose’ part justice because it was so much more pink and vibrant than my camera shows.  However, it was absolutely the best part of today because we’ve had snow and rain since this shot was taken. It’s also been mighty cold.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we have more snow overnight.

I’m aching today, really bad joint pain.  I suspect it’s menopause related as that has kicked in since Christmas.  Not before time as I’m nearly 53.  I’ve been quite lucky with symptoms ~ a few hot flushes here and there but not that bad.  However, the aching joints have been quite bad, upper back pain, hands/fingers, knees, hips…..  I’m reluctant to take HRT due to its connection with Oestrogen based cancers….  So, I’m going for the keep active approach, eat well, take a few supplements that are known to be of some help and live with it.

Si is off for the next two nights which means we get some quality time together although we’ve got nothing major planned.  I find him working nights quite challenging, especially given that we’ve gone from school hours and holidays together to him sleeping all day and being gone all night….it can get quite lonely.  We do get the evenings together but they’re usually filled with cooking, eating, bathing and him getting ready for work.  He works a ten week rota and during that time he does a few eight night stretches which are an absolute relationship killer….I’ve obviously been spoilt by us both working in schools.

So, it’s nearly 9pm which, due to my ridiculously early get up time, means it’s my bedtime.  I’ll wish you all a good night and a great day tomorrow.

Sharon xx


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