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An easy decision…

I knew two things for certain when I awoke this morning; firstly that it wasn’t time to get up [how do we know that without even looking at the clock?] and secondly that someone had obviously replaced my throat with a sheet of sandpaper. Swallowing had become a serious challenge overnight….

I hit the back-light on my bedside clock which instantly produced a beam of light that would not look out of place in a Gestapo interrogation room and sent Simon groaning in hasty retreat under the duvet…  As I squinted at the clock it told me it was a nice, tidy 5:00am precisely, a whole hour until alarm time.  I knew it..!!

As I lay there trying to work out how ill I actually felt the realisation hit me that the awful [guilt ridden] decision had to be made whether or not to go into work today but, on the back of what has been a truly rubbish week workwise tempered with a rather depressing and negative Parent/Teacher interview on Wednesday evening, the decision was easily reached.  I’m not one for pulling a sickie without good cause but I have to be totally honest and confess that never has a viral infection been quite so welcome ~ no heroic struggling in to work for me today.

Ethan is now safely delivered to school and I am back in my cosy little house. Yes, I do still have to take Ethan in which feels so wrong professionally given that I’m off sick but, unless I’m bed-bound, I can’t justify asking Si to take him because he should leave for work at 8:00am so it would make him very late.

The kettle has boiled and I’m about to [between sneezes and snuffles :sniff:] put a lovely brew in the pot and pop a couple of slices of wholemeal bread in the toaster.  Proper comfort food for the proper poorly person . Then it’s going to be a sofa day with some hand sewing thrown in.   I’m still producing hexies hand-over-fist and I love watching my stash of colourful, fabric discs growing and becoming something quite wonderful with just a few stitches and a bit of imagination.

Is it me or is it suddenly very chilly and wintry??  I am seriously considering popping the heating on as any more jumpers and I’ll resemble the Michelin Man.


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Hexies and Bread…..

Today I made bread [not altogether successfully I might add].  I used to have a breadmaker which was fab but when we moved to this house we had to downsize drastically due to having alot less room and quite alot of gadgets [such as my poor breadmaker] had to be rehomed.  However, today I got brave and decided that as I’d quite happily made bread years ago without a breadmaker I’d give it another go the old fashioned way.  I think I need to find a better way to make it rise [there is nowhere that is particularly warm here ~ I tried the airing cupboard but not that warm even in there] or give it alot longer in a cooler place as it didn’t rise as much as I’d have liked.  The end result wasn’t too bad but I’m going to try again, next time leaving it to rise overnight, and see if the finished product is more aesthetically pleasing.  Today’s effort tasted lovely but was a bit lacking in height. Here is the finished article….

I have also been sewing hexies [hexagons] as I’m doing some good ol’ fashioned English Pieced Patchwork.  It’s quite a laborious task cutting the papers, piecing them onto the fabric etc but I think it’s better to make the hexies first and then piece the design once you’ve made a stash of them.  Here are the steps so far…

Paper hexagon templates cut from freezer paper…..

Fabric hexagons cut using the plastic template you can see….

Freezer paper templates  ironed onto fabric hexies [freezer paper is brilliant for this as it becomes slightly adhesive when the shiny side is ironed onto desired surface making the next step alot easier]…

Final stage ~ fold seam allowance over and tack [sew] fabric hexie to the paper template…

As you can tell from the various fabric colours and designs in the above photo’s I’m at different stages with each different fabric [I get bored quickly so like to change task often 😉 ].  I’ve got quite a few done [63] but am not even close to starting to sew them together yet but I’d like them to resemble something like THIS when I’m done [scroll down the link to see the finished quilt in various stages of assembly ~ The Vignette Quilt Blog is where I got my inspiration from]. 

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New theme, new direction, new beginnings….

Today my blog has a new look and I have a new direction.  I have felt very bogged down with my faith [and life] of late and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t quite what Jesus intended when he gave His life for us.  So, I’m trying to be a little kind to myself and lighten the load [and hopefully lessen the feelings of inadequacy and guilt at the same time]. I always set myself impossible targets and then get all demoralised when I don’t achieve them. So I’m trying to be more realistic with my goals and personal expectations and then hopefully I’ll have a little more success which might encourage me to continue rather than fail repeatedly and give up.

I’m also going to use this blog to share some of my sewing projects as I started quilting last summer when I was feeling so low.  Si made me a special place in the house with a craft desk and storage area [see photo above] where I can set up my things and leave them out between sessions which is an absolute Godsend as any crafter will know.  You can see on the desk my first attempt at patchwork/quilting ~ it was a little Maple Leaf sampler and it turned out okay for a first go.  There is also a pile of fat quarters there at the back which I’m turning into an old fashioned English Patchwork [hexagons] quilt ~ design yet to be decided on.  I have a couple more projects on the go, one nearly finished, which I will share as I go. 

Sewing is wonderful ~  peaceful, tranquil.  I can pray as I stitch especially if it’s hand sewing.   I love the whole process of choosing the fabric; the colours, the patterns, the design and seeing the progress as random pieces of fabric become something rather lovely.  There is an intrinsic link between faith and fabric ~ the threads of faith [God’s love] that wind through our lives creating beauty from something that started out rather ordinary, rather plain.  God is the very fabric of our lives…

A couple more photo’s to share below.  A close up of my sampler quilt and another view of my desk space with my blog up on my PC.

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