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A day with Doris. . .

As most of you readers will know Storm Doris has hit the UK today.  What’s a bit of wind and water I thought [don’t go there]?  There was the usual howling around the house last night [Doris, not my husband] but then we live in an end of terrace house so that’s a regular occurrence here.  I love lying in bed in the dark listening to the wind or rain, it’s rather exciting.  This morning all looked fine, a storm in a teacup I thought, literally.  However, as I stepped outside at 6am in my nightie to go to the bin, Doris blew my nightie right over my head!!  Possibly I’d underestimated her.  Good job my neighbours don’t get up early lol. 

The trip to school was fine, just a bit blustery but the trip to work was a whole different ball game.  The car was pulled and buffeted at every gap in the hedge or break in the trees.  I could feel Doris trying to pull me off the road.  At one point something blew against the side of the car, I didn’t see it but it gave me a fright as it hit with a huge bang.  When I checked there was no damage and nothing to see in the rear view mirror so I’ve no idea what it was, some bit of flying debris I expect.

At work I was in the nursery kitchen and suddenly the huge skylight window above me just took off, blown right out, leaving us with the rain pouring in and the wind howling through the room.  That cut short the school day for our little ones, so their parents were called to collect them as soon as they’d finished eating their lunches.  Our little trampoline in the nursery garden also decided to relocate itself in the hedge.

The drive home was a ‘two hands on the wheel at all times’ event.  Doris had certainly upped her game.   Arriving home, I opened the garden gate and a scene not unlike Armageddon met me ~ it didn’t actually look like our garden.  Stuff everywhere, bins blown open and contents strewn, flower pots all over, the lids from the worm houses were blown off, shed door banging and Ethan’s basketball hoop had taken a nose dive into one of the bins.  Poor Honey was watching me from her bed looking mighty worried at what had obviously taken place in my absence. 

I’m meant to be out at a bible study group tonight but I’m probably going to give it a miss as I feel I’ve been lucky so far and I’m not going to push my luck with a fifth trip out.  On the plus side I’ve made some headway with my sock knitting in the last few days.  The evidence suggests that I’m a novice knitter. . .

. . .and here it is.  Using a 2.5mm small circular needle and Stylecraft, Head Over Heels 4ply sock yarn in the Eiger colourway we appear to have the beginnings of a sock.  All is going well so far and I’m loving knitting.  I’m knitting everywhere and at every opportunity ~ whilst cooking supper, in bed, whilst waiting outside school, when I should be doing the housework, knit, knit, knit. . .it’s addictive!!  After years of wanting to knit and months of wanting to knit socks it appears to be finally happening and it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be, so far lol…..  I’ll report back when there’s more sock to see.

Sharon xx

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Flying Sock Flash!!!

This is just a quick flying sock flash so I can show you my finished Super Sonic Crochet socks.  Click on the images above to see a larger version.  They took me quite a while to make, not because they were tricky, but because I kept finding other projects to distract me along the way.  Now I know that NONE of you hookers and knitters out there EVER have more than one project on the go at a time do you??  Ahem!!  They did take some working out however, mainly to customise them to fit AND to make sure the second sock was the same as the first.  This is another downside to not making them both at the same time ~ you forget what you did!!  I must remember to make better notes as I go next time.  Luckily I was able to work out what I’d done the first time around without too much difficulty.  They are identical and a really good, comfortable fit which speaks volumes for the great quality of the pattern.  I think if I made another pair they’d be a lot quicker now I know what I’m doing, and probably only take a couple of days if I put my mind to it.

I’m still looking forward to casting on some knitted socks though and I’ve been practicing today.  I can cast on, cast off, knit, purl and do ribbing of varying widths.  I even manged to rescue a dropped stitch and intentionally rip some out and re-do it without a hitch.  This is partly due to a rather excellent book I bought yesterday at Hobbycraft called the, ‘Ultimate Knitting Bible’ by Sharon Brant [I’ll put all links below as usual].  I got 25% off due to being a loyalty card holder which was an unexpected result.  The book deals with what to do when you make a mistake, which is what I struggle with most, as well as a very comprehensive guide to anything and everything you need to know about knitting.

Right, that’s me, I’m off for a bath before ‘Call the Midwife’ starts. . . .take care everyone and have a great week.  Hugs xxx

Links: ~

Super Sonic Crochet Socks Pattern by Kathryn Senior

Ultimate Knitting Bible by Sharon Brant

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Socks. . .


Photo’ courtesy of ‘Winwick Mum’

Have you seen all that delicious sock yarn out there?  All those wonderful colours and combinations.  I’m not a knitter, on no I’m not.  However, I really, REALLY want to knit socks.  How hard can it be?  I appear to have ordered some knitting tools and some 4ply sock yarn.  I’m going to be following Winwick Mum on her knitting blog ~ she did a Sock-a-Long back in May of 2015 and, although that’s long finished, the free [and very comprehensive] advice and step-by-step pattern is still available [see photo above].   There is also a closed group on Facebook for anyone wishing to join me on my sock adventure.  Christine [aka Winwick Mum] also has a rather lovely page of free patterns available for those of you who are a few steps ahead of me in the knitting department.  It’s all win, win from where I’m sitting.

Update on my crochet socks is that I have one toe left to do and then they’re finished. I’ll place a link to the pattern below. I’ll be interested to see how different it is to knit a pair and how much different they look once finished.  Always assuming I do actually finish knitting a pair and don’t succumb to that terrible disease, ‘Single Sock Syndrome’.


My ‘Super Sonic Sock’

Happy hooking and knitting all ~ every blessing!! xx

Link as promised ~ Super Sonic Crochet Socks Pattern

Sharon xx

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