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Today is Friday and I thought that, as I hadn’t done it for quite a while, I’d do ‘The Simple Woman’s Daybook’ entry.  It’s very good for focussing the mind on aspects of your life that sometimes go unnoticed or at the very least get taken for granted. 

I have been to early Mass today and it’s St Bede’s feast day which is the patron saint of my local catholic church named after the Venerable Bede.  Mass on a Friday is always lovely, very quiet and intimate with just a few of us there but always enough to make me feel that it was worthwhile the Priest showing up 🙂 .  Sometimes there can be just two of us at the bigger church and although Mass is worthwhile no matter how small the congregation I do feel for Fr J when his presence doubles the numbers 😦 .  So, on with the Daybook entry. . .

Outside my window…  the sun is shining gloriously, the horses in the paddock opposite are enjoying the warmth on their backs and the green, lush grass.  My washing is billowing on the line whilst being scented with God’s own fabric softener.  I am grateful for the soft breeze that is moving gently through the open windows keeping the room lovely and cool.

I am thinking…  alot about my faith this week.  As I said yesterday it has taken a bit of a back seat during our transition period from two incomes to one.  It has been very necessary as I’ve had to work hard to make sure that we could survive without having to make anyone miserable or inviting huge debt.  So now that phase is dealt with I can feel myself embracing the windows of ‘free’ time that I now have.

I am thankful..for so many things at the moment.  For the opportunity to be able take this time-out to reassess and take stock, which is due in no small part to my wonderfully supportive husband.  For the myriad choices that we have for state schools in this big city which we certainly didn’t have where we lived before.  There you went to the school in your catchment area and, for the most part, you had Hobson’s choice about that unless you could afford to send your child privately.  As we’ve searched for a new school for Ethan we’ve realised how lucky we are to actually have a choice as to where we send him.  I am also beyond grateful that my 19 year old daughter Millie has been seen by a different hosptital and has been scheduled for surgery very soon after nearly six months of suffering with large ovarian cysts which our local hospital failed to do anything about.  Her symptoms have been debilitating to say the least so my prayers for a second opinion have been heard and the seriousness of her condition has been acknowledged and acted on.  Thank God for that…

In the kitchen…  I can hear the washing machine coming to the end of it’s cycle.  The sunny weather is conducive to doing lots of washing as it dries so fast.  Unfortunately this gives rise to lots of ironing 😦 which I’m not quite so enthusiastic about 😆 .

I am wearing…  khaki cotton trousers and a little khaki with gray flowers short-sleeved smock top.  My usual flowery Birkenstock clogs which are standard issue when I’m indoors.  A little clip in my hair to keep it off my face in the heat and a lilac pearl bead bracelet.

I am creating…  how long have you got??  😉  I still have about three quilts on the go and I’m crocheting three different throws at once and also a beautiful Queen Anne’s lace scarf.  One of the throws I spoke about in yesterday’s posting.

I am going…  to take Ethan to the shop after school so he can spend his pocket money on some football cards that he’s collecting at the moment.  He only gets to go once a week so I know he’ll be looking forward to it.

I am wondering…  whether making a Toad-in-the-Hole for supper tonight is such a good idea ~ oven = heat.   We’ve had salad nearly every night this week in one form or another and although I try different salads to keep it interesting I think I’m at my salad limit.  The sausages are in the fridge calling to me and I really fancy a sausage Toad so will just have to run the gauntlet of putting the oven on and adding to the heat a bit more.

I am reading… Nella Last’s Peace which is the second in a trilogy of books written by a lady from Barrow-in-Furness called, unsurprisingly, Nella Last who wrote a regular diary for the Mass Observation project during WWII .  Her diaries have been published and made famous by the film ‘Housewife 49′ .  I love the simplicity of her life, her frugality that she put to good use during the war [and after] and her generous but indomitable spirit.  Like me she has a deep love of the Lake District and every now and then while I’m reading her words I find our spirits meeting over the decades.  This book covers the years immediately after the war when rationing became even tougher and Nella actually finds herself missing her life as a WVS volunteer.

I am hoping…  that Ethan has managed not to lose the 30p he took for tuck this morning.  He has never asked to buy tuck at school before and that little face was a picture when I found him the money but I’m never sure if, at six, he’s able to keep track of those little coins.

I am looking forward to…  spending the day with Simon tomorrow ~ we always appreciate our quality time together on Saturdays. 

Around the house…  there are lots of hot cats sprawled out trying to keep cool.  We have ceiling fans in nearly every room so they have lots of places to lie and chill.  Even my guinea pigs are out on the grass in their run in a shady spot.

One of my favorite things…  to eat is pork pie and english mustard especially at this time of the year.  A bit of a treat and not so good for the waistline but yummy all the same and it’s what I’m going to have a piece of for my lunch along with a very ripe nectarine for desert.

Finally, a peek into my day…  as is often the case it’s focussed on my desk space.  You can see my bottle of water, my plate minus the pork pie 😉 , the newsletter that I picked up from Mass this morning, my stripey ‘money’ book that I keep track of my finances in, my PC with this blog post open on it [my view not the public version], Nella’s book so I could copy from it and a receipt for my prescription that I picked up before Mass this morning by the Newsletter.  All the usual stuff too such as pots of hand cream, bibles, and a Pirate face mask that Ethan is in the process of making.

A glimpse of my day.

Courtesy of The Simple Woman’s Daybook

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Today is Thursday of the second week of Lent and I haven’t done the Daybook entry for absolute eons so I thought I would do it today.  I have been AWOL this week due to Ethan having gone down with the ‘galloping’ Chicken Pox last Sunday.  We thought he’d got off lightly initially but I’d forgotten how this virus comes in crops of spots and, by yesterday he was doing a great impression of that famous knight, Sir Spotty Maldoon!!  Poor little guy, not a spare inch of his face left spot-free.  His arms and legs have faired slightly better but not much.

So with that scary image in your heads I shall get on with my Daybook……

Outside my window…the sun is shining gloriously while my washing sways in the breeze.  The horses are in the paddock opposite and they’re all enjoying the warmth on their backs.  Occasionally one lies down and rolls on it’s back with it’s legs waving madly, too funny :).
I am thinking…that there isn’t much that could make the day any better really.  Lent has been a complete blessing rather than a challenge this year [so far anyway, famous last words].
I am thankful for…this new simplicity in my life that Lent has brought with it; the quiet, the calm, the consequential harmony and peace that pervades every room in the house now.  I don’t see us ever going back to how it was pre-Lent because this is so much nicer and I feel so much closer to God.
In the kitchen…there are pans on the stove filled with vegetables for tonights supper which will be liver and onions with mustard mashed potatoes and the aforementioned vegetables.  There are flowers on the kitchen table which someone bought me as a ‘thank you’ ~ quite lovely they are too.
I am wearing…my usual dark blue jeans and a short sleeved smock top with a cardigan as it’s getting a little chilly as the afternoon sun starts to drop.  On my feet I have my flowery clogs that I wear as slippers in the house, I like to have something on my feet all the time.
I am creating…a quilt.  Yes I know, I am always creating a quilt [sigh]and I rarely get the time or energy to give them any attention but I keep on trying.
I am going…to fetch my washing in off the line in a minute, put the kettle on and have a cup of tea and a cuddle with my little lad before I need to start cooking the supper.
I am reading…‘A Treasured Friendship’, by Carrie Bender.  This is the fourth book in a series of five.  Carrie Bender [pen name] is a practising member of an Old Order Amish community and she lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania USA with her husband and children.  The books are very simply written, full of faith and love, and are an absolute joy.  Perfect gentle reading for Lent.
I am hoping…that this lovely weather continues as there is nothing better than line-dried laundry [I’m sure heaven will smell just like line-dried laundry :)].  We’re also keen to start growing some veg in the garden so a few clear days over the weekend would be most welcome.
I am hearing…the sounds of Ethan playing quietly on the carpet as he watches his childrens programes.  He’s been very subdued this week and this is the first time he’s actually played with any toys since the weekend.  Mind you, we’ve read an awful lot of books and he’s actually started reading to himself for enjoyment which is just amazing.
Around the house…there are signs of Christ, indications and reminders of my intense love for Him.  Crosses in nearly every room, icons in the dining room, an old crucifix on my bedroom wall.  Spiritual books and bibles laying around in the lounge along with my little statue of Our Lady of Lourdes by the window.  I didn’t think that these ‘things’ really made any difference to how I feel at home but we left unpacking these items until last when we moved in so I went quite a few weeks with them left in storage.  When they finally surfaced the whole feel of the house changed, like the spirit of the home had finally arrived.  I have to admit I was surprised that I was so emotionally influenced by these things.
One of my favorite things…at the moment is to snuggle up in bed [early] with my favourite read, a hot chocolate [which Si always makes me] and my lavender wheat bag.  If I’m feeling self indulgent then I’ll use my lavender body cream on my arms and legs, the wonderful scent aids relaxation as I’m drifting off to sleep.  Divine!!!
A few plans for the rest of the week: are to go to work tomorrow [Si is off with Ethan], to finish cutting out my next quilting project, to make a flapjack to tempt Ethan’s appetite and to clear out my pantry cupboard which has become totally disorganised where I keep taking things from the back of the shelf, using them and shoving them in the front.  Lazy habit and one that means nothing is where it should be anymore.  The shelves could do with a good wipe down too so two birds with one stone methinks…
Here is picture for fun I am sharing…this are Ethan and I on World Book Day a couple of weeks ago, it was a school/work thing.  I was a ‘copper’ out of Janet and Allan Ahlberg’s ‘Cops and Robbers’ and Ethan was well….I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you which comic book hero Ethan was 😆 .  Oh, and in case you’re wondering he’s casting his web ~ obviously 😉 .

Thank you to ~ The Simple Woman’s Daybook Blog

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A Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ Two

I promised to to this periodically so, as I’m so tired tonight and have lost all inspiration to write my own post from scratch, here goes number two….

Outside my window there is a building site as this new estate grows around us.  We are one of the first houses built and occupied here.

I am thinking today most especially of my biological father who died nine years ago today.  He has been in my thoughts so much today ~ a troubled man but I still miss and love him.

I am thankful for my job, for having such a supportive and understanding boss, the fact that the job has become easier [with his help] and also that my contract has been extended to the summer ahead of schedule ~ perhaps they quite like me ;).

From the kitchen will have to evolve something very quick for tea as I have been out with Ethan and a friend whose son is a classmate of Ethan’s ~ not alot of energy left for culinary expertise tonight!!

I am wearing dark blue jeans, white camisole top under a sage green V neck jumper, and my usual Hush Puppy mules.

I am creating or rather have recently created a crocheted lace cross bookmark in cream cotton for a friend who’s just been bereaved. 

I am going to go look forward to a sit down this evening.

I am STILL readingfar too many books at once however, I have nearly finished ‘Finding Happiness’ by Abbot Christopher Jamison.  Labyrinth’ by Kate Mosse is my favourite read for this week as it’s getting to a gripping stage and my Daily Bread devotional [Scripture Union] is a few days behind ~ no change there then I hear you cry!!

I am hoping to have more time to devote to my faith in the weeks ahead ~ it’s an ongoing battle with time/tiredness versus responsibility to family/house/job now I’m working and it really shouldn’t be that way.  I can’t survive without my faith and it isn’t the same when I don’t practise it fully.

 I am hearing the sound of silence as I’m alone apart from Ethan who is asleep. 

Around the house there are signs that we are sorting things out at last, new curtains and blinds wait in their packets to be hung [a job for the weekend or maybe half-term], two new light shades hang in the hall looking lovely, new bedding awaits my attention and Ethan’s room is sporting a lovely new single bed.  He has been in a little nursery sized bed up until recently ~ he looks so tiny in his new big boy’s bed but he loves it and sleeps alot better with all that space to move around in.

One of my favorite things is to read and eat at the same time ~ it’s bad manners but it’s absolute bliss, two of my favourite things to do all in one hit ~ oh the joy!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week I’m going out with colleagues on friday night to celebrate a 30th birthday [my immediate boss’ actually] so I’m kind of hoping that I haven’t run out of steam by then as Friday nights are usually early to bed with a good book.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing


This is my other half Simon ~ when I look at this picture it reminds me instantly of why I love him so much.  He is fighting back the laughter [I’ve probably just said something rude lol] and his lovely brown eyes are twinkling, he looks full of mischief and he’s just gorgeous.  There, a nice unbiased opinion for you lololol. 

I’m adding a new catagory ~

My prayer for this week is…  for the people of Haiti ~ most especially the children who have been left homeless, vulnerable and often orphaned.  May those who touch their lives do so with honesty, good intentions and love in their hearts.

With thanks to ~ The Simple Woman’s Daybook!!


Sharon xx

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Alot of my fellow bloggers occasionally use the rather lovely format below to help them appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the everyday things that often times just pass us by.  Today I saw that Barbara had used it on her blog this week and was inspired to have a go…… 




Outside my windowthere are the final vestiges of snow and now a cold, crispy darkness.

I am thinkingof my dear mum who is worried about her eyesight and is waiting for an appointment with the opthalmic consultant.

I am thankful fora warm house and plentiful food during this latest freeze when many don’t even have power or are unable to leave their homes.

From the kitchenis the lingering smell of the lovely pork sausages and bubble and squeak that we had for tea.

I am wearing… dark blue jeans, black roll neck jumper and a jade green short sleeved dress-top over.

I am creating… various things at the moment from a woollen crocheted throw, to a cross stitch done on Irish Linen with a couple of smaller projects in between.  I like to be busy but I have to be in the mood to craft and the Irish Linen sewing can only be done in natural light which makes it a bit seasonal.

I am going… to try and catch up with my Benedictine studies over the next week or so.

I am readingfar too many books at once [as always ;)], the main reason for this is each book will fit a mood, time of day and my level of tiredness, ie how many lines I can get through before the book collapses onto my face as sleep takes over.  I cannot read anything that takes lots of concentration in bed or I never get to the end of a paragraph ~ anyway, enough waffle, here are the offending titles…. ‘Finding Happiness’ by Abbot Christopher Jamison, ‘Come Be My Light’, by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta [yes, I’ve STILL not finished this], ‘The Story of a Soul’, by Saint Therese of Lisieux, ‘Labyrinth’ by Kate Mosse and my Daily Bread devotional [Scripture Union] when I remember.  I have no idea why I’m so pants at remembering to do my devotional but tend to sit down and suddenly realise I’ve got two or three days to catch up on.  Sigh!!!

I am hoping… that my job will feel less emotionally exhausting/draining as I’m tempted to give in and resign before my contract expires.  Hoping and praying for God’s strength and guidance in this matter.

I am hearing… the sound of my little boy breathing steadily as he sleeps ~ the baby monitor which we still use is next to my computer.

Around the house… we still have no curtains, just nets.  There are other signs that we’ve just moved in such as no lamp shades on any of the ceiling lights.  I think the arrival of Spring will motivate us to deal with that especially when the lighter mornings start waking us up hmmm???!!!

One of my favorite things… is to go to bed early when it’s windy and raining and just lie there with the curtains open [if we had any] and just listen to the sound of the rain hammering against the glass and the wind howling around the house.  I really love it!!

A few plans for the rest of the week… to make more time to read for pleasure and to make a flapjack as Ethan loves it.  The evenings just fly by now I’m working so even fitting in half an hour of reading is a challenge.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


This is my bible, prayer book and rosary on the desk in my room taken whilst away on the Oblate weekend at Turvey last May.  This photo’ immediately makes me think of the silence and tranquility of that rather lovely time.




Here is a link for anyone who would also like to take part in this inspiring addition to one’s blog pages…..    ‘ The Simple Woman’s Daybook’ ~ the lady who created this is only too happy to share her idea, just remember to link to her when and if you do.

I hope you all enjoy these snippets from my life as much as I enjoyed writing about them.  I shall do it again periodically.


Sharon xx

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