Sock update. . .#2

Stage one sock 1

We have, what appears to be, the start of a sock!!  I’m really pleased with it so far and the pattern has been really simple to follow.  See THIS post for the pattern.

It’s been a lovely  Bank Holiday weekend.  Lots of birthday meals out and time spent with family.  I’ve consumed far more than my fair share of chocolate too.  I hope you’ve all had a super few days and enjoyed the extra day if you got the Monday off too.

Sharon xx

Sock update. . .

Sold yarn and 2.5mm hook

It’s arrived already, the solid coloured 4ply sock yarn in Drops Fabel Blue [107] and Apple Green [112].  The green is a lot more vivid in real life, the photo’ really doesn’t do it justice.  Also my lovely new 2.5mm Clover Armour hook.  Wool Warehouse really do give an amazing customer service and super speedy delivery.  I didn’t pay for anything other than regular postage and two days later it’s on the door mat.  Impressive!!

So, no excuses now as I have everything I need to start my journey into the land of socks…..

Sharon xx

Who’s in control? . .

Faith is having the courage xx

Sharon xx

Newsy stuff. . .

Hello lovely people.  I thought I’d just go with a newsy chat today.  It’s my birthday [53, ouch] and I’ve given myself the day off.  Well, as much as any wife and mother ever gets the day off; I was still up at sparrow’s fart and have done all the usual morning chores and the school run but, other than that, I’m not doing much else.  I might get my crochet out in a while and try to finish Ethan’s Cosy Crofter Throw.  We’ve finally transferred him, and most of his belongings, to his new room and I have to say that it’s looking very nice.  I thought we’d struggle to fit all his ‘stuff’ into his new room but he’s become a bit of a minimalist and has been totally ruthless about recycling things that he’s not played with for a while or that he thinks he’s grown out of.  However, he informs me that the room just needs a nice throw on the bed to finish it off so I need to get a wriggle on.

I share my birthday with St Catherine of Siena’s feast day.  It’s lovely to share my birthday with a special saint and if I’m lucky enough to go to Mass on my birthday [which I did today] then it makes for some great readings within the service.


St Catherine of Siena

After sharing the crocheted sock pattern in my last post I was excited to give them a go straight away.  Unfortunately I discovered that the only 2.5mm hook I had was a grey Pony one, but I find them very difficult to use now.  As I’ve got older my hands have been prone to cramp and I have a ganglian [deep joy] on the back of each hand, so gripping a very thin, metal hook really makes my hands ache and, after a few hours, I also get a blister on one finger.  Pony hooks were all I used years or so ago but I had to find an alternative once my hand problems started.  Now I’m a Clover Amour‘ convert, and I’ve never looked back, no pain, no blisters, no cramp.  So, back to the story ~ without both hook sizes I couldn’t really start the socks😦 .  I ordered one immediately along with a couple of balls of plain sock yarn [be rude not to huh?] to use for the toes, heels and cuffs.  I’ve got some beautiful 4ply sock yarns but they’re all multi-coloured.  If you click on each photo’ below you’ll be able to see exactly what the yarn is and which colourway.

As soon as the new yarn and hook arrive I’ll make a start and be sure to share anything I achieve on here.  I’m trying very hard not to have too many projects on the go at once or I’ve discovered nothing gets finished as I hop from one to another depending on mood.  So, I’ve allowed myself one large and one small project at a time.  Ethan’s throw is the large one and these socks will be the small one.  It is working so far. 

The sun is out here as I type but the clouds are looming and there’s a bitter chill in the wind.  I have to confess that I’ve put the heating back on.  We’re out for a quick tea tonight, something of Ethan’s choice which I suspect will involve a burger.  Tomorrow I’m going out for a meal with my beautiful daughter, Millie, so I’ll be twice my normal size by Monday!! lol  Oh, and did I mention cake?  No hope!!!:)

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK so we’ve got an extra day together which is perfect given it’s my birthday weekend.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy your extra day off if you’re lucky enough to have one. 

Blessings xx

Sharon xx

Crocheted Socks!!!

Kathryn's crocheted socks.

Photo’ courtesy of Deramores

Well, I’m beyond excited to share that the lovely Kathryn Senior from Crafternoon Treats is trialing her own crocheted sock pattern over at Deramores, starting immediately and being released at weekly intervals over the next three weeks or so.  So if, like me, knitting is a complete enigma to you but you’ve been watching with serious envy all those beautiful socks being knitted from the absolutely delicious sock yarns, then this is YOUR MOMENT! The pattern calls for 4ply sock yarn [I may have the odd ball of that, one or two, maybe more], a 3mm and a 2.5mm hook…..!!  The image above is THE socks.  

You can also find Kathryn’s lovely Facebook, group, ‘The Crafternooners’ HERE.  It really is a super group with very few rules other than ‘be nice’.  I belong to it so I can vouch for the niceness [is that a word?] of all the members, so pop over and join us. 

Just had to share that because all the good things in life are made better for having shared them.

[Click on pink links or photo’ to take you to the relevant sites.]

Sharon xx


The 3030 Challenge. . .


I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned that I’m a closet Joyce Meyer fan.  I ‘found’ her during the early years of my faith walk, the ‘non-denominational’ years if you like.  I have to confess that I’m not all that keen on the heavy approach of a lot of the American evangelical preachers but Joyce is something apart. She is a woman who exudes enthusiasm for Christ and shares a simple but loving message. 

Anyway, I’m digressing here, so the point of this post is that each year Joyce issues her ‘3030 Challenge’.  This is where she invites people to read the bible for thirty minutes each day for thirty days.  Easy huh?  You’d think so but if you’re anything like me you’re great at starting, but not so great at seeing things through to the end.  You can sign up to receive various resources and have access to teaching videos.  The best of all is that it’s completely FREE.   Here is a LINK to the 3030 Challenge page and ANOTHER to Joyce’s website.  If you look in the top right corner of her homepage you can opt for the English [as opposed to American] version of the site which does make a difference. 

I just thought I’d share this, it really helped me last year when I was struggling to find time to read my bible or pray at all.  My work life had totally taken over.  This simple little challenge really made a difference and proved to me that you don’t actually need hours and hours, you just need a few minutes and the desire to spend time with God, the rest will just happen. 

Sharon xx

Caring. . .

You just have to care 2” But of course I care!!”  I can remember people saying this to me in my misunderstood teen years when I felt no one cared.  I’ve even said it to my children in the same way.  But saying it and showing it are two different things.

What is caring?  Is it an emotion?  Is it a physical act?  Maybe it’s both?  I would describe myself as a caring person, but does that mean I actually am? 

I care about my family, my wonderful husband and children.  They know I care through the things that I do for them; cooking, cleaning, nursing them when they’re poorly, making sure they have what they need when they need it.  I also care for them emotionally through the things I say and by just being there to hug them and listen when all seems rubbish.  These are ‘symptoms’ of caring.  It’s almost impossible NOT to care for them, I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing when there are things that they need.  With family though, caring is intrinsically linked to love.  It’s my love for them that drives me to care for them. 

What about other people though, those outside of our family?  Friends and neighbours, strangers in the street?  Should we care for these people too?  I find my desire to care for people overwhelming at times regardless of whether I know them or not, especially if I’m aware of suffering, unhappiness, distress or illness.  Some of my jobs have historically been based on caring for ‘strangers’ ~ Nursing, Teaching Assistant.  It’s actually really easy to care for people who are vulnerable and obviously in need.  But what about the people we don’t like or who don’t appear to ‘deserve’ our care?  Should we still care for them?   Well yes, I think we should, if they’re receptive to that.  I remember nursing people with quite severe dementia, they really don’t want your care most of the time and can make that very clear in quite an aggressive way.   It doesn’t stop you caring for them though, you just have to be sneaky about it.  I wonder if caring for those outside of our family is still linked to love.  For me it is, however it’s not so much my love but the love of Christ working through me.  It’s simple, God loves me and I share that love around. 

Caring is what makes the day tick really, I care about my house and appreciate what I have so I like to look after it and keep it nice.  The same goes for our planet, it’s caring that makes us recycle, reuse and reduce.  In fact, if we didn’t care we’d never get out of bed in the mornings, well I probably wouldn’t.  It’s caring about the day ahead and the people in it that motivates us to face the day. 

Do I care about God?  Hmmm that’s a biggie and does He really need me to care about Him?  I suspect He probably doesn’t.  What He needs me to do is to love Him and to show His love to others through the things that I do and say.  What God needs from me are my faith, my fidelity, my thanksgiving and my worship/prayers, He doesn’t need me to look after Him.  All that said, I do care very deeply about my faith [my relationship with God], about how it shapes and defines me, and what it says about me.  It’s very important that what people see reflects that side of me and shows God in a positive light.  This is becoming increasingly important in a time when religion per se is getting a pretty bad rap.

The one amazing thing about caring for others is that anyone can do it.  As the image above says, you don’t have to be rich or talented you just have to want to.  It’s a daily choice and it’s one I make willingly.

Sharon xx


Cosy Crofter Throw, progress. . .

A quick update on my Cosy Crofter Throw for Ethan’s new bedroom, made using Sirdar Crofter DK in Seagrass.  It began a while back, see THIS post.  As you can see it has grown quite considerably now and the end is in sight.   In fact I’m so near finishing, I’ve bought some yarn for the border, 100g ball of Stylecraft Special DK in Duck Egg.  There is a duck egg colour running through the Crofter DK [tricky to see it with the rubbish lighting in my photo’s].  I’m not sure what sort of border I’m going to put on it but, given that it’s for a ten year old boy, I’m thinking nothing too lacy or faffy. 

I’ll be sure to update again soon.  All my other projects are on-hold as I’m determined to finish this within the next week or so.  What I really need is a self-cleaning house and some self-washing clothes.  Oh and a family who’d be happy to live on cereal for a week or so… lol xx

Sharon xx

Sunshine and growth. . .

It's growing!!

Look!!  My Cosy Autumn Hexi blanket has grown a little bit.  The pattern is lovely to work and so simple I’m not even having to refer to the written instructions now.  More to follow as I progress.

Kitchen sunshine, March 2016

The sun was streaming into my kitchen today as I was enjoying my first cuppa of the day.  Thought I’d share the scene with you guys xx

Sharon xx

Autumn Hexagon Blanket. . .


Just a very quick share to say that, in a fit of pique, I frogged my Cosy Patchwork Granny blanket made using the Attic 24 Cosy colourway pack!!  I know you’re all shouting at the screen but I just wasn’t happy with it, not the huge blocks of colour nor the twisting of the squares.  I now know how to make granny squares that don’t twist but too late for the Cosy Patchwork sadly.  I could have remade them all using my newly learned technique [flip the block over for each new row] but I think the damage was already done for me.  You know what it’s like, when you’re just not happy with something all you can see are the imperfections. 

So, I couldn’t waste all that beautiful yarn in those delicious colours so I’ve started an Autumn Hexagon Blanket.  The pattern is courtesy of Kathryn Senior from, ‘Crafternoon Treats’ .  She has included a plethora of tips and guidelines and some lovely, and very useful, photo’s to guide even those very new to crochet.  As you can see from the photo’s above the Cosy colours lend themselves very nicely to Kathryn’s design.  I’m obviously making mine in Stylecraft Special DK [Kathryn used Stylecraft Chunky] but I’m using a 4.5mm hook.  Usually you’d use a 4mm with DK but the blocks just look better defined with the slightly larger hook.  Also makes a slightly larger hexi so it’s a win, win.

I’ll post some updates as I go but I’m loving the hexies and the pattern is a dream to work.  It’s a ‘join as you go’ which I’ve never done before but it really is quite simple [Kathryn’s great photo’s help] and also saves the massive [and potentially tedious] joining session at the end.  My only tip would be to weave in those ends as you go!!!  I know, but you just have to do as you’re told occasionally or you’ll only hate yourself at the end😆 xx

Sharon xx


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